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5 years warranty garage door opener installation in Berkshire & surrounding Counties. We only install high-quality Seip or Hormann electric garage door openers!

Installing Garage Door Openers in Berkshire & Surrounding Counties Since 1992

Fix Quick has the perfect garage door opener solutions at affordable prices. We are a family-owned business operating since 1992.

We supply and install Seip or Hormann electric garage door openers in Berkshire & surrounding Counties. Seip is a German-made electric motor which comes with 2 remotes and a 5-year warranty, designed to be used on doors from 7ft wide all the way up to the largest 16ft timber doors. This motor can give up to 25 years of trouble-free use.

Garge Door Installation Step By Step Process

DIY installation of electric garage door openers is certainly possible. Or, you can hire professionals like Fix Quick to get the job done. Here’s how we automate your garage door:

Set up the rail system.
Assemble the rails, then attach the motor. Once done, add the drive chain or belt, pulley, and trolley. At the motor end of the rail, add the stop bolt. Meanwhile, set up the garage door mechanism.

Install the motor.
Lift the rail assembly to the right position and support it on the motor end. Put the ceiling bracket together and mount the opener motor. Do not plug it in until the last step.

Install the electronics.
Mount the components of the obstruction sensors, and then mount the push button wall switch to the terminals. Connect the obstruction sensors and wall switch to the opener motor terminals.

Switch on and test.
Plug your opener motor in and see if it works properly. You may try cycling the door up and down several times to make sure it works and make necessary adjustments. See to it that the remote controls also work.

Tips for Installing New Garage Door Openers

Installing a new garage door opener may be a complicated task at first. Check out these tips to make the work easier.

Check your garage door.

Before getting a new opener, check your garage door for issues. Slow movement or noise may indicate friction or obstruction and will only require maintenance instead of repair.

Check the door’s balance before installing the opener.

An unbalanced door may put unnecessary stress on your opener. For safety purposes, make sure that it has the perfect garage door balance and can support itself.

When replacing an existing opener, leave it in place before installing a new one.

This will serve as a great visual reference, which is especially helpful for people looking to replace their opener with the same model.

Our repair service exhibits exceptional workmanship at all times. We care about our customers and we are proud to work with the crown estate. Book our services and get a 12-month warranty.

What Impacts Garage-Door Opener Installation Costs?

On average, garage door installation cost starts at £185. The following can affect the actual price:
Where you live
Nature of the installation work, i.e., fresh installation or opener replacement
Model of garage door opener to be installed
The type of garage door
Garage door size

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FAQs About Garage Door Openers

Is it difficult to install a garage door opener?
It may be difficult as it involves several components. You may need the help of professional garage door fitters.
How long does it take to install a garage door opener?
A professional garage door installer typically takes 1 to 2 hours to finish the task.
Should a garage opener be on an independent circuit?
No, they plug into any 13 amp socket.
Should you install a garage door opener yourself?
Yes, but you need to hire an experienced team of professionals for spring and cable adjustment.
We guarantee reliable and high-quality garage door repair services to all customers around the crown estate. Book our services and get  12 months warranty.
Fix Quick Garage Doors is a local family-run garage door company, starting off in West Berkshire over 25 years ago we have now expanded our area to cover Berkshire, Wiltshire, North Surrey, North Hampshire, South Oxfordshire, and South Gloucestershire.
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