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If you need urgent repairs for your garage door opener, Fix Quick has the right solution for you. Our family-owned business offers high-quality garage door repair service in Berkshire & Surrounding Counties. We have been providing authentic openers and garage door solutions since 1992.

We offer a comprehensive repair service for all makes and models of electric garage door openers from all the leading manufacturers in Berkshire & Surrounding Counties. Single and double sizes. No job is too big or small for our fully trained engineers.

We discuss with our clients the work that needs to be done, the parts needed, the length of time it will take to finish the repair, and how much it will cost them. We will only charge you if we fix your opener, and we guarantee that we can get the job done.
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Garage Door Opener Makes We Repair

We provide a wide range of garage door opener services. Our work covers the following brands:

Henderson Garage Door Openers
Plus Many More
M Ribbed Sectional Garage Door Product Details

How to Repair Garage Door Opener Complete Steps

Working with garage door openers may be difficult, but repairs are certainly not impossible. Here's how it can be done:

Keep the workplace safe-Any problem with electric garage doors carries the risk of collapse or electrocution. This can be dangerous to anyone attempting the repair. To keep everything safe, make sure that your door is down and the opener is unplugged.

Identify the problem-Pull the emergency release cord and lift the door. If it does not open or close smoothly, the problem is with your tracks and not your opener. Otherwise, check if the wall switch, remote, or other components are working properly.

Use appropriate fixes-Once you have understood the problem, be sure to apply the appropriate solution. Your garage door opener has different components. Each may cause problems and should be dealt with appropriately.

Common Garage Door Opener Problems

Your garage door opener can run into different issues that prevent it from operating properly. The most common ones include:

Wall switch doesn't work

It may be the wires or the switch itself that is the problem. Remove the wall switch and touch the two wires. If the opener works, replace the wall switch. Otherwise, it may be the wires that need replacement.

Remote doesn't work

Change the batteries to see whether it is the remote or the batteries that are the problem. If it does not work after the replacement, get a new remote.

Door only goes up when holding the switch

It may be the wires or the switch itself that is the problem. Remove the wall switch and touch the two wires. If the opener works, replace the wall switch. Otherwise, it may be the wires that need replacement.

No sound or lights during operation

This may be due to a sudden surge in the current. In this case, replace the circuit board and install a surge protector to keep your new board safe from current surges and lightning strikes.

Wall switch doesn't work

This issue is due to bad light sockets in the circuit board. You need to remove the circuit board to take these out. Make sure to use bulbs of the same wattage as your new sockets.

Door doesn't open but trolley carriage works

A broken trolley carriage may be at fault in this case, so it might need replacing. Pro tip: when removing the trolley carriage, clamp the chain to the rail to keep the chain to its location and speed up reassembly.

Opener makes grinding noise but the door does not move

A broken main drive gear that connects to the motor's worm drive gear typically causes the grinding noise. Replacing this gear may require the removal of several components, and the replacement needs to be lubricated before it is put back in place.

Door doesn't open

This is typically caused by friction in the rail, the solution for which is simple lubrication. Using a lubricant that does not attract dirt is highly recommended. Use lithium grease in colder areas.

Door doesn't open all the way through

Weak tension commonly causes this problem. Tighten the chain from about 1/4 in. (0.64 cm) to 1/2 in. (1.27 cm) of slack from the rail to the chain.

Door won't close

The door may have travelled far down, making the rail bow upward and preventing the door from coming down. It may also be caused by wear and tear. Adjustment on the door travel is needed in this case.
Our repair service exhibits exceptional workmanship at all times. We care about our customers and we are proud to work with the crown estate. Book our services and get a 12-month warranty.

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FAQs About Garage Door Openers

How much should it cost to repair a garage door opener?
The cost to repair a garage door opener can be from as little as £95.00 + VAT.
Is it worth repairing a garage door opener?
Not in all cases, as replacing your opener is typically much cheaper than repairs.
What is the average lifespan of a garage door opener?
Garage door openers last about 15 to 20 years.
How much should it cost to replace a garage door opener?
Your opener may be going bad if it exhibits too much noise, slow movement, and unreliable operation.
We guarantee reliable and high-quality garage door repair services to all customers around the crown estate. Book our services and get  12 months warranty.
Fix Quick Garage Doors is a local family-run garage door company, starting off in West Berkshire over 25 years ago we have now expanded our area to cover Berkshire, Wiltshire, North Surrey, North Hampshire, South Oxfordshire, and South Gloucestershire.
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