Hormann 2001 Vertical Ribbed Steel Garage Door

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From £ 895.00 + VAT
When choosing a simple, straightforward, and easy to manage garage door, the Hormann 2001 Vertical Ribbed Steel Garage Door is at the top of the list. Made with high-quality materials matched with reliable engineering, this garage door offers durability, security, and convenience. Additionally, its attractive vertical rib design complements many styles of homes and easily blends with the surroundings.

Enjoy both style and function with the Hormann 2001 Vertical Ribbed Steel Garage Door, along with its many other benefits:
Made of Best Quality Galvanised Steel
Durable Polyester Powder Coat Finish
10 Year Manufacturer Warranty
Manual or Remote Control Operated
Secure, Long-lasting, and Low-Maintenance
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Hormann 2001 Vertical Ribbed Steel Garage Door Product Details

M Ribbed Sectional Garage Door Product Details
The Hormann 2001 Vertical Ribbed Steel Garage Door has a timeless design to blend in with most properties. The vertical ribbed design is visually the same at all sizes offering subtle elegance in the standard white finish or any of the optional powdercoat colours. The door panel is galvanised steel both sides and factory pre-finished using a powdercoat process that requires no further painting.

Its strong steel base and tried-and-tested operating gears ensures maximum resistance against knocks and bumps as well as providing reliable security features. Expect a rivet-free panel and a well-built box chassis. The Hormann 2001 Vertical ribbed steel garage door comes with strong euro cylinder and locking rods as well as the standard 2 point locking.
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From £ 895.00 + VAT

Hormann 2001 Vertical Ribbed Steel Garage Door Specifications

The Hormann 2001 Vertical ribbed steel garage door package includes thick, galvanised steel leaf, BS EN 12604, available in varied sizes. Comes with a manual for manual or automatic (retractable mechanism or canopy operating mechanism) use. Complete with standard steel framing, accessories, and spring safety system.

Apart from the standard Traffic White, the steel doors and frames are available in other powdercoat options such as Terra Brown, Light Blue, Red, Green, Steel Blue, and Black.

The standard black nylon handle set has a round plastic handle on the outside with a plastic ‘rotary disc’ on the inside. Multi-point locking, with inside release button. It comes as a standard with a 2-point locking by automatic UPVC-latch (adjustable), a 4-point locking option is also available for increased security.


If you have complaints that may make a warranty claim necessary, please contact your garage door dealer and provide the following:
Name, address, and phone number
Original receipt with purchase date and warranty card
Product number and description
Details of the defect
The product will be inspected on-site. In absence of defects, you may have to shoulder the visitation costs.

A 10-year warranty covers your garage door. Likewise, the mechanisms and steel frame have a 10-year warranty period. The springs, wire cables, track rollers, hinges, and guide rollers have a five-year warranty. For replacement parts, the warranty period is six months or up to the end of the current warranty period.

Warranty claims cover damage if the defect is a manufacturing fault. It is applicable in the country where the purchase was made through authorised distribution channels.
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