Hormann 2004 Georgian Garage Door

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From £ 1,045.00 + VAT
Sporting lightweight retractable gears and decorative 12-panel detailing, the Hormann 2004 Beaumont Panelled Door provides the best of function and pleasing visuals when it comes to garage doors. With its elegant panel pressings, canopy mechanism, and high-grade material, it's easily one of the market-leading panelled doors on offer.

If you’re looking for a garage door upgrade that fits both traditional and modern style homes, the Hormann 2004 Beaumont Panelled Door provides many benefits.
Made of High-Quality Galvanised Steel
Convenient Retractable or Canopy Mechanism
Classic and Elegant Georgian Style 12-Panel Detailing
Rivet-free Panels, Durable Powder Coated Surface Finish
Lightweight, Low-Maintenance, and Long-lasting
Hormann 2004 Beaumont Panelled Door

Hormann 2004 Beaumont Georgian Panelled Door Product Details

M Ribbed Sectional Garage Door Product Details
The Hormann 2004 Beaumont-Georgian Panelled Door has been recently revamped – and the new design is even more eye-catching than the previous classic style. The deeper panels and increased detail around each one give this panelled garage door an impressive appearance. Expect perfect and evenly spaced panels no matter which garage door size and dimension you avail.

When it comes to quality, the steel used is made of the thickest gauges on the market, making them efficiently resistant to any accidental knocks. The Hormann 2004 Beaumont-Georgian panelled door is made of galvanised steel on both sides and is factory pre-finished in white (RAL 9016) using high-quality powder coating, requiring no further painting. The standard handle comes in black nylon with europrofile cylinder locking and secure 2-point locking.
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From £ 1,045.00 + VAT

Hormann 2004 Georgian Garage Door Specifications

This garage door is available in canopy operating mechanism or retractable gear operating mechanism. Retractable option utilises a multiple spring safety system and tight coils that conform to safety precautions, helping to avoid the risk of fingers getting trapped. Meanwhile, the canopy mechanism type uses vertical tracks and is reliably counterbalanced using an overhead torsion spring.

Constructed with safety and style in mind, the Hormann 2004 Beaumont-Georgian Panelled Door is available in standard white and other RAL colours such as Anthracite Grey, Burgundy Brown, Light Ivory, and more.


If you have complaints that may make a warranty claim necessary, please contact your garage door dealer and provide the following:
Name, address, and phone number
Original receipt with purchase date and warranty card
Product number and description
Details of the defect
The product will be inspected on-site. In absence of defects, you may have to shoulder the visitation costs.

A 10-year warranty covers your garage door. Likewise, the mechanisms and steel frame have a 10-year warranty period. The springs, wire cables, track rollers, hinges, and guide rollers have a five-year warranty. For replacement parts, the warranty period is six months or up to the end of the current warranty period.

Warranty claims cover damage if the defect is a manufacturing fault. It is applicable in the country where the purchase was made through authorised distribution channels.
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