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From £ 1695.00 + VAT
The stylish M-Ribbed Sectional Door is a popular and functional choice for garages mainly used as parking spaces. Its compact, automated, and operating mechanism is a convenient space-saving feature that provides easy vehicle entry and exit.

Additionally, the door’s range of motion allows you to accessibly drive up directly to the face of the garage door, which is advantageous for homes with shorter driveways. Here’s what to expect if you decide to get a Hormann LPU42 M-Ribbed Sectional Garage Door for your garage:
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M Ribbed Sectional Garage Door Product Details

M Ribbed Sectional Garage Door Product Details
The Hormann LPU42 M-Ribbed Sectional Garage Door has a chic M-Ribbed design and opens vertically upward. Its operating mechanics allow the door panels to be suspended under the ceiling, enabling maximum space inside and out of your garage area.

This type of steel garage door has varied fitting and is well-suited for either angled, segmental, square, full-centred arch, and other styles of garage openings. At the same time, it provides 14cm more passage width as compared to roller garage doors. The M-Ribbed Sectional Door is a well-engineered design complete with standard security features, sound insulation, and patented finger trap protection.
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From £ 1695.00 + VAT

M Ribbed Sectional Garage Door Specifications

The Hormann LPU42 M-Ribbed Sectional Garage Door is made of durable steel and features 42mm thick sections. Its intelligent operating technology can be controlled via smartphone, radio switch, or hand transmitter. Its M-Ribbed design is available in Woodgrain, Silkgrain, Sandgrain, Decograin, and Duragrain finishes. It's also available in a wide range of colours such as Traffic White, Anthracite Grey, Anthracite Metallic, Fir Green, Moss Green, and more.

Additional options include aluminium, brass effect, stainless steel, and black handle sets and locks for on-site installation. Special anchor sets and headroom torsion springs are also available options.


If you have complaints that may make a warranty claim necessary, please contact your garage door dealer and provide the following:
Name, address, and phone number
Original receipt with purchase date and warranty card
Product number and description
Details of the defect
The product will be inspected on-site. In absence of defects, you may have to shoulder the visitation costs.

A 10-year warranty covers your garage door. Likewise, the mechanisms and steel frame have a 10-year warranty period. The springs, wire cables, track rollers, hinges, and guide rollers have a five-year warranty. For replacement parts, the warranty period is six months or up to the end of the current warranty period.

Warranty claims cover damage if the defect is a manufacturing fault. It is applicable in the country where the purchase was made through authorised distribution channels.
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