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Roller garage door repair in Reading, Berkshire and nearby areas. Family-owned & operated since 1994. We can provide same-day emergency roller repair!
Repairing Roller Garage Doors in Berkshire Since 1994
Fix Quick is the leading provider of high-quality garage doors in Reading, Berkshire. We are a family-owned business offering garage door repair service since 1994.

Repairing roller garage doors can be very challenging. The complicated construction means more parts to work on, making DIY work difficult. This work is best left to professionals who have the right skills and equipment to get the job done.

We only charge if we are able to fix the problem (and all our work is guaranteed!).

Before we undertake a repair we will advise the cost, if parts are required and the length of time before a repair can be carried out.

Why Work with a Garage Door Engineer in Reading

We offer a comprehensive repair service for all makes and models of roller garage doors from all the leading manufacturers in and around the Reading area. Whether you need a simple motor reset, through to fitting a complete new mechanism, no job is too big or too small for our fully trained garage door engineers.

Here are some good reasons for employing a team of professionals to repair your garage door:
Skill and experience
Garage door specialists have the expert knowledge needed for the job and have a reliable reputation built by years of experience.
Right methods and equipment
We employ special methods to replace garage door rollers safely and have the tools to get the task done to customer satisfaction.
Garage door repair professionals can fix your roller problem fast using high-quality but affordable solutions.
Stress-free repairs
With the right people working on your broken garage door, you should be at peace.
Our repair service exhibits exceptional workmanship at all times. We care about our customers and we are proud to work with the crown estate. Book our services and get a 12-month warranty.
12 months warranty

Common Roller Garage Door Problems We Help Fix For You!

We fix a wide range of garage door roller problems at affordable rates. We commonly encounter the following issues:

Insufficient lubrication - At best, lack of adequate lubrication can cause shaking in the panels and loud door noises. The worst case is roller bearing failure that can cause the roller to fall off and the door to get off its track what needs to be done.

Dirty tracks - Dirt and grease can gather between the tracks and the rollers without regular maintenance work. Grease can cause rollers to slide instead of roll, and excessive dust can cause your door to get stuck in the tracks.

Damage in the garage door tracks - Damage in the tracks can cause your rollers to go off track, leading to your garage door falling off or getting stuck during operation. Common damages include dents, track segments that have come off the walls, and detached brackets.

Improperly aligned tracks - Tracks may be misaligned during assembly or accidents. Misalignment is apparent with noticeable rubbing noise and gaps between the tracks and rollers.

Roller Garage Door Services
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Types of Roller Garage Doors We Repair

We repair different types of roller garage door issues. Additionally, we install manual and automatic garage doors, including the following:
SWS doors
Gliderol Shutters
Plus Many Others

Garage Door Repair FAQs

Is there a Warranty on Roller Garage Door Repairs?
Yes, our repairs come with a 12-month warranty for all fitment and parts.
How much does it cost to replace garage door rollers?
Replacing garage door rollers typically cost £35-£75.
How much Is a replacement roller garage door control box?
Replacing the roller garage door control box costs £100-£250.
How to Replace Garage Door Rollers Without Bending Track
You can replace garage door rollers without bending the track through the following steps:
Remove the fasteners.
Remove the door, then remove the track
Carefully remove the rollers from the track one by one.
Lubricate the new rollers and put them in the bracket.
Replace the track and put the fasteners back.
For the top rollers, remove the entire bracket from the wall to take the rollers out.
Replace them with new lubricated rollers.
We guarantee reliable and high-quality garage door repair services to all customers around the crown estate. Book our services and get  12 months warranty.
Fix Quick Garage Doors is a local family-run garage door company, starting off in West Berkshire over 25 years ago we have now expanded our area to cover Berkshire, Wiltshire, North Surrey, North Hampshire, South Oxfordshire, and South Gloucestershire.
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