Hormann 2001 Side-hinge Vertical Steel Garage Door

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From £ 1,695.00 + VAT
Here at Fixquick Garage Doors, we offer durable, galvanised, and powder-coated side-hinge vertical steel garage doors for your comfort and ease. You can expect the following benefits from our steel side-hinged garage doors:
Outward opening double garage doors
Sturdy steel hinges to ensure smooth operation and security
Minimal moving parts make for easy maintenance
Wear and tear resistant powder coat finish
Elegant vertical rib design
High-quality and easy installation
Hormann 2001 Side-hinge Vertical Steel Garage Door

Side-hinge Vertical Steel Garage Door Product Details

Side-hinged garage doors are a quality choice if you’re looking for convenience, security, and style rolled into one. If you use your garage for long-term storage or as a working space, a set of double garage doors that open outward can be a perfect fit for your home.

The Hormann 2001 steel side-hinged garage door (vertical rib design) is a classic design that offers functionality and style. The two steel door panels are hinged at the sides, similar to regular house doors, and swing outward rather than into the garage.

This feature is beneficial to garages with obstructions, limited headspace, or those used as storage rooms and workshops. Side-hinged double garage doors can be opened one leaf at a time, which is a unique feature for this type of garage gateway. Its straightforward mechanics allow for easy installation and maintenance.
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From £ 1,695.00 + VAT

Horman 2001 Garage Door Specifications

The side-hinged steel garage door is made of high-quality galvanised steel on both sides and is styled with a vertical rib design. The door panels and its 50mm steel frames come in standard white or other colour options and stains that match your home decor.

The double garage doors are available in a 50/50 or 70/30 split and undergo a powder-coating process which doesn't require further painting. They come in standard sizes and are factory pre-finished for convenient on-site installation.
If you have complaints that may make a warranty claim necessary, please contact your garage door dealer and provide the following:
Name, address, and phone numbe
Original receipt with purchase date and warranty card
Product number and description
Details of the defect
The product will be inspected on-site. In absence of defects, you may have to shoulder the visitation costs.

A 10-year warranty covers your garage door. Likewise, the mechanisms and steel frame have 10-year warranty period. The springs, wire cables, track rollers, hinges, and guide rollers have a five-year warranty. For replacement parts, the warranty period is six months or up to the end of the current warranty period.

Warranty claims cover damage if the defect is a manufacturing fault. It is applicable in the country where the purchase was made through authorized distribution channels. Hörmann will correct the defective product during the warranty period, taking ownership of replaced parts.

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